BeeFlix on demand service

Do you have a replatforming, decommissioning project?
Maybe you want to consolidate some databases?
Perhaps you’d like to move some databases to the cloud?

Rent BeeFlix for whatever amount of time you need!

One week, one month or more, and precisely estimate your needs in terms of architecture (on-premises servers, cloud instances) from the workload of your existing oracle databases.

How does it work?

Execute the BeeFlix toolkit on your oracle databases servers to extract metadatas from your AWRs . The toolkit generates an output file for each server. Upload this output file to the BeeFlix cloud and voila. Straightforward!

  1. Request an access to the BeeFlix Platform Saas
  2. BeeFlix team send you a username and password
  3. Connect to BeeFlix user interface
  4. Download the toolkit
  5. Execute the scripts on each server
  6. Upload your results
  7. Enjoy!

The toolkit is composed of a shell script and a few sql scripts. The shell script must be run on each server. It reads the oratab file to get the list of running databases and connects to each database as sys.

The toolkit takes care of the database parameter control_management_pack_access to choose to read from the AWR or statspack.

Metadatas extracted from the statspack repository are less precise

An ansible playbook is also available in the toolkit to automate the collection

Last but not least

  • You can make several incremental uploads of the same databases at different dates to have a longer period of analysis
  • The datas are available one year on the BeeFlix Platform.

As a reminder

BeeFlix is a complete solution of continuous optimization, capacity management, workload analysis of your database resources.

Getting started : On Demand service

Beeflix team.