Optimize the processor cores dedicated to your databases


Optimize the processor cores dedicated to your databases

Optimize the processor cores dedicated to your databases, and make significant savings!

Many people complain about the expensive costs, defined by software editors, of some RDBMS licenses . Most of them use a core licensing model, which means that you pay for the number of processor cores dedicated to your databases.

But in reality, are your dedicated databases resources really well sized?
Are you sure they are not oversized?

If so, it simply means you are wasting money on resources you do not use.

BeeFlix helps you to easily detect all the optimization opportunities you may have. It’s simple, straightforward and let you make right decisions.

The databases workload can be adjusted by percentiles, allowing you to precisely choose the type of workload and don’t miss the peaks of activity.

The time range choosen must have a representative workload.

BeeFlix shows you all the oversized resources with the number of unused cores.

You will then be able to consider different scenarios and use the Simulate module

  • Consolidation project
  • Decommissioning project
  • Move to the cloud

Last but not least

Another way of optimization : processors continually put on the market are ever more powerful

BeeFlix show you the potential savings of processor cores by simulating the move to servers with faster processors provided by the most popular manufacturers. (Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, …).

The expected saving is more or less spectacular depending on the age of the source processors

The estimated CPU workload is based on the SPEC rate benchmark results

Constantly monitoring your databases workload to detect optimization opportunities let you control precisely your licences costs.

As a reminder

BeeFlix is a complete solution of continuous optimization, capacity management, workload analysis of your database resources.

Beeflix team.